PAL Client to Participate In Blind Sailing Regatta Sept. 9-11

2016-09 Jasmine Bluffers Park Regatta

And she placed 2nd in an early August Regatta

On the morning of Saturday August 6, Bluffers Park Yacht Club held a fundraising regatta for Blind Sailing Canada.  6 boats competed with crews of four people each; a skipper, a blind crew member who did most of the work, and two sighted support crew.

62-year-old Jasmine Schuchardt, a client of PAL-Reading Services for over 30 years now, sails at least 2 or 3 times a week throughout the summer months and races at least once a year (more if possible); she took 2nd place in the regatta.  Jasmine’s time on the C&C 33 sailboat (under the direction of her skipper Gary and two support crew Warren and Liam) was spent mostly working the gyb and helm; she was at the helm as the boat crossed the finish line.

“Wind gusts were at 24 knots” at one point

1st place was taken by David Greenwood, 2nd by Jasmine Schuchardt, and 3rd by Brian Arthur.  Jasmine says that the day was fun and amazing, sunny with a good sailing wind that died just as the race ended.  “At one point,” says Schuchardt, “we heeled right over and had to release the mainsail to ease the pressure so we didn’t broach.  The wind gusts were at 24 knots at that point.”  Throughout most of the race the winds were steady at between 15 and 20 knots.

Jasmine holding the Bluffers Park Yacht Club burgee and wearing the BPYC pin she won at the regatta
Jasmine Schuchardt holding the Bluffers Park Yacht Club burgee and wearing the BPYC pin she won at the regatta

Following the race the participants hung out on the boat and celebrated with sandwiches and beer, followed by a barbecue later that evening.  Jasmine arrived home around 10:30 that night…a full, satisfying day of sailing and socialising!

Blind Sailing Canada is always looking for more volunteer skippers

Jasmine expects to sail once a week as the season dies down, which is highly dependent on skipper availability.  “If we had more skippers,” she says, “we could have those boats out every day.”  Those interested in volunteering with Blind Sailing Canada can check out opportunities and training videos by visiting this web page:

Blind Sailing Canada Logo

Says Jasmine: “Win or lose at the regatta (of course I’d LIKE to win), it would be a shame not to take advantage of these opportunities…life’s too short!”

Come out and support Jasmine this weekend!

The 2016 Canadian Invitational Blind Sailing Regatta presented by Accessibil-IT takes place this weekend in Oakville, Ontario from Friday, September 9 to Sunday, September 11.  Click here for details, and come out and cheer Jasmine over the finish line!

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  1. Nicole Schuchard February 19, 2017 Reply

    My Aunt Jasmine is an inspiration to all women! No mountain too high!

    • Mark Fielding February 23, 2017 Reply

      That's amazing Nicole...thanks for commenting! We are very fond of your Aunt here at PAL-Reading!

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